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Ceplac Disclosing Tablets

Ceplac Disclosing Tablets

Pack Sizes: 12 and 240 tablets

Ceplac Disclosing Tablets bring a smile back to teeth and give you the confidence that teeth are really clean.

Plaque is an invisible film of sugars and bacteria that builds up on the surface of the teeth, when left undisturbed, that produces acid which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Ceplac Disclosing Tablets reveals plaque left behind after brushing, indicating where more careful brushing to remove the plaque is required. This helps with improved dental hygiene and the development of a good brushing regime in both adults and children.

Packs of 12 and 240 tablets are available from dentists, pharmacists and some grocery stores.

Ingredient: Erythrosine 6mg

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